Mediphacos launches MEDIresearch which is a Clinical Research Incentive Program!

The MEDIresearch aims to create partnerships with residents, fellows, medical and ophthalmic surgeons.

Through this Program, Mediphacos will support and encourage the realization of clinical and non-clinical, ethical, independent and unprecedented studies to be conducted by qualified researchers.

In MEDIresearch, Mediphacos can contribute by making available products, sending technical-scientific material and supporting professionals with experience in helping to carry out the Clinical Research.

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Some of the benefits of participating in MEDIresearch are:

1) Ease

The Investigator will be able to count on the technical support of Mediphacos, to guide how a Clinical Study Protocol should be prepared, in accordance with Good Clinical Practices and current standards.

2) Cost reduction

The Investigator may have access to the product under investigation at no charge, so he will not have to purchase the product. Depending on the quantity of product to be used in the research, even if the company is not able to make a complete donation, a partial donation will already be a help!

3) Contact with an innovative company

Mediphacos has a database composed of a large number of bibliographical references of scientific articles published in national and international journals, which can be made available to the researcher.

4) Professional qualification

Developing scientific research and having a publication in a journal is a differential for any professional. Research can also be the object of qualification, master's, doctorate or post-doctorate.

5) Recognition in the market

When the scientific article is published, the Researcher will be recognized by the market. As this program supports unpublished studies, the scientific article can become a reference for other lines of research.

How is the process?

The Study will be the sole responsibility of the Investigator and the research institution where the study will be conducted. We want to assist the development of research through the donation of products in our portfolio and/or through the provision of technical materials science and/or through the support of professionals with experience in supporting the realization of the search.      


In the Form, you must inform the Objective and the Population to be studied, as well as describe the Innovation proposed in the study versus the current knowledge; Infrastructure of the place where the study will be carried out; Type of support requested from Mediphacos, including approximate quantity of products.  


The evaluation will be carried out by the team from Mediphacos' Clinical Training and Development Department, who will then contact the Investigator to inform about the project's approval or not. If the project is approved, the Investigator will be informed about the next steps. 


On the other hand, later, it is important to receive the data that will be collected, taking all cares regarding the confidentiality and protection of the participants' data


Data from all surveys are very important, as they provide information about the safety, performance and risk/benefit of products, in addition to offering opportunities for the development of new solutions to unmet medical needs.

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Get in touch with the Clinical Specialist, who is the professional responsible for scientific communication between industry and physicians and healthcare professionals, for a good scientific conversation.

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